Controlling for parasites

Worms and poultry red mite can be a serious issue in free range systems and are often a common and overlooked problem. Worm infections and the presence of large numbers of red mite will increase stress levels in the birds and predispose them to pecking. It is therefore vital that these parasites are controlled through a proactive, multi-factorial approach. Your veterinary surgeon will be able to provide more comprehensive, site specific advice on how to control against poultry red mite and worms but below are links to a brief overview with key actions to consider.

controlling worms controlling red mite

Controlling for worms

Controlling for red mite

Making improvements

FeatherWel - improving feather cover AssureWel - improving feather cover Defra guide

FeatherWel management guide
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AssureWel advice guide
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Defra feather pecking guide
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