Managing turnaround and biosecurity

Despite birds being exposed to uncontrollable risks in free range systems, it is still effective and important to main good hygiene practices. Mucking out, cleaning and disinfecting should be conducted to a high standard to prevent the carry over of diseases from one flock to the next. Cleaning and disinfecting should be tailored to address problems that are specific to the farm.

hens on the range
clean foot dip

Aim to have a single age site to reduce disease transfer. This can also effectively rid the site of Mycoplasma.

Access by people and vehicles to the site should be restricted and wheel washers should be used.

producer using a footdip people inspecting and walking the house

Have dedicated clothing for each house including boots and use clean boot dips at the correct rate of dilution for every house.

Adopt a proactive approach to bird health, reviewing and acting on strategies in the Flock Health Plan drawn up with your vet.

Making improvements

FeatherWel - improving feather cover AssureWel - improving feather cover Defra guide

FeatherWel management guide
[pdf, 5.49mb]

AssureWel advice guide
[pdf, 661kb]

Defra feather pecking guide
[pdf, 503kb]