The placement period can be a particularly stressful event for the pullets. They have often travelled for many hours in a lorry and are then placed into a strange, new environment. The stress placed on the pullets could lead them on a path towards injurious pecking. It is therefore vital that placement and those first few weeks after are managed to reduce the stress the pullets experience. For more information click on the links below.

Matching conditions   Immediate access to litter

Matching conditions between rearing and laying shed

Give the pullets immediate access to the litter

Early access to range

Early access to the range

Making improvements

FeatherWel - improving feather cover AssureWel - improving feather cover Defra guide

FeatherWel management guide
[pdf, 5.49mb]

AssureWel advice guide
[pdf, 661kb]

Defra feather pecking guide
[pdf, 503kb]