Working with Industry

This advice has been produced in consultation with a wide range of industry representatives, including poultry veterinary surgeons, BEIC, various feed companies, welfare advisory bodies and breeding companies to name a few. We have worked with a wide range of industry representatives and their input and support have been invaluable to the production of this management guide. 

Alice Clark, RSPCA senior scientific officer for farm animals, said: "Injurious pecking is a serious laying hen welfare issue, which can lead to significant injuries and even cannibalism. We believe the FeatherWel website is a valuable new resource which can help reduce and prevent these problems by bringing together practical advice from scientists, the industry and welfare organisations, as well as a forum for producers to share experiences."

British Egg Council spokesman, Mark Williams, said: "BEIC is fully supportive of this guide which will help in assisting producers to implement measures that can help prevent injurious feather pecking, provided it forms part of the overall professional advice available to producers.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the producers who took part in the Bristol Pecking Project, without their help we could not have put this advice together. Below are links to just some of the industry representatives we have been working with:






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